The True Story of a Seven Year Marriage

BEAUTIFUL insight on marriage.

Fly Softly My Love

I used to scoff at those who simply made it work, couples who lived long and tedious years together even if the fire had died. Life is too short I thought, to spend it with someone who doesn’t kindle your passion.

That was before I knew that passion isn’t something that floats around and lands on you like a lucky butterfly (at least not all the time). It needs to be tended, like a fire in your heart, by breathing life into a spark over and over. You choose where you build your fire, and your heart listens to your choice.

When our turn came to meet and marry, I wondered how we might avoid the boring fate of the uninspired; the settlers who had aimed high and fallen short.

What made us special, more right for each other than the others? We fooled ourselves and listed off the reasons.

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Wedding Album

I’m gearing up for a huge project. I recently purchased the Wedding Edition of Project Life. My plan is to order a midnight mini album from amazon & create a whole album of our wedding (which was 1 & 1/2 years ago by the way!). I figure better late than never. This is something i’ve been wanting to do but I didn’t know where to start – that was when I discovered the Wedding Mini Kit at Michaels. The catch is, I have SO many pictures both from our photographer & guests, so this will most certainly be a challenge – but fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Project Life 2013: Week 32

Moving right along! This week is one of my favorites. Everything in this spread is from the August Studio Calico Kit, Marks & Co. When I first started receiving these kits in May, I was reluctant to use everything but I am becoming more & more brave. Here’s a look at the full spread, minus the insert:


I am in love with the bright colors in this kit, especially the teal! For the first time ever, I tried stamping on photos. This past weekend I went to Michael’s & picked up a bunch of Stazon inks.. I’m not an expert yet; I’m having a problem with the photos being too slick that the stamp doesn’t stay put & sort of smears. I’m sure i’ll get better at it.



My favorite part of this kit were the teal alphas & I used them to tie in the teal from the title card on that last pic of J & his friend.

This was the first week I added an insert. I’m really trying to fit the entire year into one binder, & I’ve been enjoying picking from all the photos i’ve taken to represent the week. This was a particularly special instance so I decided to put it in as an insert. J’s store was promoted to level III which is a really big deal. There are not many level III stores, so I decided to put the letter in a 8.5×11 page protector – I have not shown that here for propriety reasons, but I did add a Midnight journaling card with a paper clip from the May Studio Calico Kit.


This morning, my twitter feed reminded me that it was 9 years ago today that Hurricane Charley hit southwest Florida. I was a senior in high school – ahh! I remember being out of power for at least a week, missing school, and waiting in lines miles long in order to get just a little bit of gas. My car was so low that I had to borrow my Grandma’s car & a gas can to fill up. 

To look back, I also use the TimeHop app on my phone; you can download it here. I highly recommend this one! Let me know what you think!

Project Life 2013: Week 31

This week marks me being completely caught up !

As you can see, probably WAY to many pictures of our dog, Winston. Leading up to our move, the poor guy was very anxious. He was literally taking things back out of boxes that I had already packed, so I knew he wasn’t going to take the transition easily. Once we got him to the new place, he heavily panted for probably about 48 hours; he just could not calm himself down. At any rate, I took mostly pictures of him because I was so relieved to see that he was finally adjusting. I also got my grades in for this semester: straight A’s – so I was obviously very happy about that!

[I am absolutely loving the midnight edition. btw.]


Now that we are settled, here’s to a more normal routine!

Project Life 2013: Week 30

It has been a couple weeks. We are FINALLY moved & settled in to our new place, which we LOVE. The dogs seem to be pretty comfortable too. 

This week, the royal baby was born!! I am trying to include some “current events” in my spreads lately.. I think, in addition to our story, it will be fun to look back on what was happening in the world at the same time. Jason had a busy week at work, as he was working a table event at the world center, & Jami and I went to a candle party (and decided to host one too!)Image

ImageI typically take every photo with my iPhone 5, & this week is no different. The only exception here is that Jason took one of the photos at the event he was working.

ImageHope everyone is having a good weekend!